How to Save Money Now In 2023: 29 Proven Ways To Do That

Are you looking for How to Save Money Now in 2023 And The Best Proven Way To Do that?, Don’t worry you are at the right place.

Money Making is very hard and the ability to save money also is very hard, you can make money and still find it difficult to save.

That is why I came up with this top on How To Save Money Now, in order for you to learn, kindly read till the end.

29 Proven Ways On How To Save Money In 2023

How to Save Money Now

  • 1: Create a budget and track your spending
  • 2: Set financial goals
  • 3: Automate your savings
  • 4: Cut back on eating out
  • 5: Bring your own coffee
  • 6: Cancel unused subscriptions
  • 7: Shop around for better price deal
  • 8: Use coupons and discounts
  • 9: Buy in bulk
  • 10: Grow your own food
  • 11: Do your own repairs and maintenance
  • 12: Get rid of debt
  • 13: Invest your money
  • 14: Get a side hustle
  • 15: Negotiate your bills
  • 16: Shop at thrift stores
  • 17: Take advantage of free activities
  • 18: Volunteer your time
  • 19: Reduce your energy use
  • 20: Drive less
  • 21: Take public transportation
  • 22: Take advantage of free trials
  • 23: Shop secondhand
  • 24: Buy used books
  • 25: Shop at discount stores
  • 26: Be patient
  • 27: Find a savings buddy
  • 28: Celebrate your successes
  • 29: Don’t give up

Let me take the explanation one after the order.

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Create a budget and track your spending

One of the best way to save money is by creating what we call budget, this budget shows the list of what you will be using your  money for, by doing that it will help you In saving your money.

You can have budget for housing, car and retirement, when you have budget you can save towards archeiving that your goal and aim.

When you have those budgets you can archive those housing and car projects within a limited period of time.

Automate your savings

This is the process by which you have account you can save money on and you are only to withdraw the money anytime it reach the agreement date.

You can choose to open a fixed deposit account where you can only allow to withdraw when  the time of the withdraw aggrement reach’s.

By doing this you can save money for many things.

Cut back on eating out

Eating out is too expensive by doing that you can be able to save money, all you need to do is to cook at home and when you are going to work in the afternoon you should take the afternoon to a working place .

Bring your own coffee.

Spending money on buying coffee can contribute to your spending habits, always bring your own coffee from the house.

Cancel unused subscriptions.

Do normal moderate subscriptions that will not cost much, it is not necessary that you must subscribe to Netflix, do little Go Tv or DStv cable subscriptions and save cost.

Shop around for a better price  deal.

When it comes to buying things always make inquiries and compare prices before you can shop online don’t just believe any other random price has been given to you, with that you can save money.

Use coupons and discounts.

Make sure you utilize any discounts opportunity being offered towards a particular product And Have Peace of mind, with that you can cut off your expenses.

Buy in bulk.

Any time you want to buy something for family use is always advisable you buy those items in bulk instead of buying one buy one with that it can help you save money.

Grow your own food.

  You can choose to be planting your own food, that is what I mean by growing your own food, with that you can save money from buying foods.

Do your own repairs and maintenance.

You can choose to do some Minor fixing in the house like fixing the cable signal for Tv and the rest, with that it can save you money .

Get rid of Debt

Make sure you always try and avoid anything that is debts because it hinders you from saving money.

Invest your money

Investment of money is good,  is always advisable to invest your money in a tangible thing that will bring back reasonable profit, once you have money saved, you can invest it out and make money from doing that.

Get a side hustle

is always advisable as you are saving and at the same time you need to get a good Side Hustle.

Negotiate your bills

Always meet on prices of a thing before paying don’t act so rich, price things before buying is always Advisable and it helps you in saving money.

Shop at thrift stores.

buy things at a cheaper rate at thrift stores, you can buy items like clothes at a cheaper rate by doing that it can help you to save money.

Take advantage of free activities

Always take Advantages of free things with that you can save cost.

Volunteer your time

Volunteering remains a great way to give back to your community and save money at the same time.

Reduce your energy use

You can save money on your energy bills by making some simple changes, such as turning off lights when you leave a room and unplugging appliances when you’re not using them by doing that you will not experience too much light consumption.

Drive less

If you are going somewhere and the place is not far, you should consider taking a bike,  take public transportation and pack your car in other reserves too much expenses, by doing that you can save cost and save money.

Take public transportation

It is almost the same thing to drive less, If you are staying or living in a city, taking public transportation can be a great way to move around, by doing that you can easily same money.

Utilize And Take advantage of free trial

some shops allow you to shop and try their products at the first time for free by doing that you can make use of that opportunity to save cost.

Shop secondhand

you can choose to buy secondhand items like cloths , furnitures and the rest in other to save cost and that will help you in your saving lifestyle.

Buy used books

You can save a lot of money by buying used books. There are many great used bookstores and online retailers where you can buy books without spending much in buying new books.

Shop at discount stores

Discount stores Give You Lower prices on some goods and services so you need to utilize it in order for you to be able to save money.

Be patient

When it comes to Saving money, it  takes time and effort. Just have patience It will work out.

Find a savings buddy


Saving Buddy can be a saving partner, the person you people save together with, by doing that you will be encouraged to save more.

When you reach a certain stage when saving,  take your time off and celebrate your success

Don’t give up

Saving money can be challenging, but it’s worth it , so don’t give up and keep saving for future use.

Conclusion on 29 Proven Ways On How To Save Money

Now you have know how to save money , you can go ahead and save for your future use, you can follow the guidelines above to learn how To Save money.

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