How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone: Beginners Guidelines

Are you considering How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone?.

If you are using an iphone In Nigeria and you are looking for  How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone , you are at the right place, today I will show you the full Guidelines on how you can do that using your iphone device.

Before you do this make sure you don’t need the channel any more because when you delete it, you can’t get it back that is why I said you must make up your mind before thinking of doing so.

Before I proceed I will like to explain to you what the YouTube channel is all about .

What is YouTube Channel?

A YouTube channel is a channel that you create online which you can upload your videos and song for people to watch.

And this channel can later turn to make money online channel if you know the right strategy to follow to get the channel monitized, but monitization is not the main thing we are talking about,  what we are talking about is how to delete your YouTube channel on your iphone.

How To Delete A YouTube Channel On iPhone In 2023 Beginners Guidelines

How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone: Beginners Guidelines

You need to have genuine reasons for deleting your channel as a YouTuber because if you delete it, the YouTube channel will no longer exist again.

So before you delete your YouTube channel make sure you have a genuine reason for doing that because if you do that your videos will be deleted also.

In other for you to delete your YouTube channel on your iphone then you need to follow up this steps Below.

  • Open Your YouTube App And log in to your YouTube account, go to the Home screen.
  • Click on the top right corner and Click On Your Gmail Account Picture, scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Then Scroll down a little Bites and click on Advanced Settings.
  • If you find it difficult to understand these guidelines, you can follow the old method instructions here.
  • But If you are making use of a Newer version of browser then what you need to do is to update your YouTube.
  • Click on Delete Channel , when you click on the delete channel you will be redirected to a page that will ask you for your  Gmail login information, fill the information and  click on continue.
  • When you click on hide channel, the channel will be hidden which you can reactivate the channel back because it will be temporary deleted.
  • If you want it deleted permanently you can click on permanently delete channel.
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This method has explained the step by step on How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone.

Next thing you need to know is how to delete a YouTube video.

How To Delete A YouTube Video On iPhone

Below is how you can delete the video.

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio beta App.
  • On The left menu, click on  select Videos.
  • Select and Click on the particular video you will  like to delete and select Menu And Then  Click on  Delete.
  • If you click on delete YouTube video, the video will not be visible any more, even if they search the video on YouTube it will not be visible any more.
  • That is how you can delete YouTube video and also how you can delete YouTube channel.

Reasons Why People Delete Their YouTube channels

Still on How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone.

There are many reasons why people delete their YouTube channels.

The reasons are must but the few important once are listed below;

lost interest towards creating content.

Managing and creating YouTube video content is not easy, it requires alot of time consuming , if you don’t have patience towards that you can. Choose to lose interest towards that, and many reasons why people delete their YouTube channel is due to lost of interest base on many factors.

A YouTuber can lose interest towards creating content due to time consuming and cost of data to upload the videos their content because of that they will choose to delete their channel.

Getting Negative feedback From viewers.

One of the big challenge that a content creator face is discouragement, if they don’t have who to encourage them, they don’t put more effort towards working.

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A YouTuber can delete his or her Channel due to negative feedback from the viewer because the person will be discouraged and choose to delete his or her YouTube channel.

When The Channel violated  YouTube’s Terms of service.

When a YouTube channel violates Terms of service most especially when the YouTube channel has received strike due to violation of YouTube policy they owner of the channel have no option than to delete the channel, so that still remains one of the reasons why YouTubers delete their YouTube channel.

When They Want To Start A New Channel.

Some YouTube can choose to delete their old channel and start new channel because they want to change their YouTube channel niche, they choose to do different thing entirely.

Because if they are posting contents that are related to news and later want to change to tech or other niche, they may change their YouTube channel or even delete the old YouTube channel and start another channel.

Conclusion on : How To Delete YouTube Channel On iPhone

Now you have know everything on how to delete YouTube channel on iphone, you can go ahead and delete you own that is if you have any reason for doing that.

Take note that if you delete your YouTube channel you will loose all your subscribers because if you delete your channel that have other gain much subscribers you can lose them with all your videos.

Before you consider deleting your YouTube channel consider the benefits and also the dis benefit of doing so, that is to say the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

So when it comes to deleting YouTube channels on your iphone make sure you have genius reasons for doing that.

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