Best Money Saving Apps : See Apps Used In Saving Money

Are you looking for Best Money Saving Apps And The Best App Used In Saving Money? , You are at the right place.

Savings is one of the important thing that make life easy because when you have savings you can easily attend to urgent needs with that your savings.

In my previous Article I talked about How To Save money , Today I am going to be showing some of the Apps you can use to save money.

Best Money Saving Apps : See Apps Used In Saving Money


Best Money Saving Apps

Here is the list of 5 Best saving Apps you can use to save your money.

1: Piggy Vest

This is just an application which enables you save money online, this piggyvest app have some settings rules attached to saving of money.

By using this app you can set plan how much you want to be saving in a daily or monthly basis depending on how you want to do it.

You will transfer small money from your bank account to your piggyvest account and lock it and specify how duration of date and time you want to use the funds.

You can only use the money when the date reaches, by making use of this app, you can use it to save money for  car or building of  house.

By using this app you get interest  on your savings.

2: Opay App

When it comes to app used in saving money most especially in Africa, consider making use of Opay App.

Opay is a Fintech company in Nigeria that helps you to perform unlimited Transcations at cheaper rate, by using Opay App you Can Pay for electricity bills, Cable Subscriptions, Buying of Airtime and Data bundle and also sending and receiving money.

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Aside the list features above, you can also use it for saving of money by using their owealth.

By making use of the owealth you can choose what you are saving the money for like saving  Accomodations, Education, Business Or Emergency.

You save and gain interest rate.

When it comes to Apps use in saving money in Africa consider using Opay they are the best.

3: Kuda Bank

Kuda bank is a Fintech App that you can. Use to save money little interest rate attached to it, with this App you can open an account which you can use the account to save money.

4: ALAT by Wema

This is a Digital bank that offers Different features which help you save Money, with the help of the App you can open a savings account with no fees attached to it, you are being given a Debit which you can use to shop online, the app enables you to know your budget when it comes to Savings.

5: VBank

is a digital bank that offers a savings  Account to it members, with the help of the app you can save money using the app.

This app also offers investment and savings at the same time, when it comes to Apps that you can use to save money consider using VBank.

Now you know the Best Money Saving Apps next thing people are asking of is how much they should have in their savings account.

How Much Should I Have in Savings?

People are asking how much is ok to have in their savings account, what I must tell you is that their is no specific amount of money you need to have in your account.

Since you have opened saving account with any of the listed app above and have a good Side Hustle you can save as many money as you like depending on you reading the terms and conditions of the App you are using to save the money.

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Benefits of Saving Money

There are many benefits you derive when you save money and this benefits are listed below;

1: Peace of mind

having savings gives you peace of mind because you can self any unexpected debt, like an emergency or hospital and house rent, money brings happiness and peace of mind, no matter any thing you do in this life try have money so you will have peace of mind.

2: Reduced debt

when you have savings it can help in reduction of unexpected  expenses by giving you room to pay for any debt instead of taking a loan.

By doing this you can save your self from any emergency expenses because you have savings you can easily take money from your savings without any stress And solve any emergency problem you encounter.

3: Ability to pursue your goals

this help and give you ability to pressure your dream job since you have gotten savings availability.

You can pursue your dream job and work on other things since you have savings already on ground, you can focus on other things to make more money in other to save more money and leave a good life without much stress.

4: Increase your wealth

savings is very good because it can help you build wealth and make you financially stable.

Take savings as your daily routine in order to build  generational wealth in future.

5: Leave a legacy.

with the help of your savings you can use it to leave a legacy life by helping others like helping your community, helping people to pay their school fees, helping people to buy house and car, by doing that you will set a legacy and leave a legacy life.

Conclusion On: Best Money Saving Apps


The best money saving App Depend on  your own choice and preference, choose any of the listed app above and start saving your money with the App.

Consider savings as one of the best things you should be doing because it helps when it comes to business, save money In case of emergency, when there is an emergency,  your savings will save you from any emergency, it will also save you from the habit of borrowing money.

When you take the money from your savings don’t forget to pay back the money because it helps in growing your savings habit.

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